Enhanced 5G VEhicle to Vehicle Technologies for Safe Connected Autonomous Vehicles Applications (VESAFE)

Project Introduction

Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) holds great potentials for road safety and efficiency, but two major challenges need to be tackled before its potentials can be fully unleashed: significantly enhanced vehicle to vehicle (eV2V) services with millimetre wave (mmWave) communications, and reliable cooperative perception with autonomous vehicles (AV) sensors. However, the directional connectivity of mmWave presents new challenges for the whole protocol stack ofV2V networks, while reliable cooperative perception requires novel design of deep learning (DL) models for object detection and fusion of sensor data from neighbour AVs. As AVs require extremely high safety and reliability, the above challenges underpinned by CAV demand a holistic design and tight integration of connected vehicles (CV) and AV technologies. This innovative and multi-disciplinary project VESAFE will tackle the key challenges with complementary expertise and realize the full potentials of CAV. A novel cross-layer design is adopted for the research of 5th generation (5G) eV2V schemes with mmWave and reliable cooperative perception for advanced CAV safety applications: the eV2V schemes are AV oriented and greatly assisted by the AV cooperative perception, and the reliable cooperative perception is boosted by the awareness of V2V network conditions. And this project proposes a novel integrated evaluation of 5G eV2V and CAV applications to support system design and performance characterization. The Fellow will receive intensive technical training in multidisciplinary fields, from the main host University of Essex, world leading co-hosts University of Oulu, Ranplan and University of Gottingen. Through cutting-edge research, this project will produce robust eV2V schemes and reliable cooperative perception solutions, makebreak through on 5G V2V and CAV safety applications. It will significantly improve the Fellow's career prospects, strengthen knowledge transfer, boosting research and innovation (R&I) capacity and quality, therefore contributing to Europe's competitiveness and growth in the critical 5G/6G and AV sectors.

Project Objectives

Project COSAFE has the following research objectives:

Objective-1: produce AV assisted robust eV2V solution with high data rate mmWave and NOMA communications, to provide the multiple levels of QoS needed for the CAV safety applications.

Objective-2: Design eV2V network condition aware reliable cooperative perception, which is used for safe CAV applications and exploited in the design of eV2V schemes.

Objective-3: Implement and test the proposed eV2V and CAV case study with theoretic study and integrated simulation, to validate and improve the design, understand performance and potential issues of the eV2V and CAV safety applications.